Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight with Mini-Tripod Keychain

Wow woot, just wow.

What’s up with them only selling items off in the single digits?? Man, it goes so fast you can’t even get to the the big gold button that says “Buy This Piece of Junk Now”!

wheres the woot grab bag?

omfg! in for 473

getting too lazy to hold up our own flashlights now aye?

kinda cool akshully


Loving the description, lol.

I love the commentary. LOVE IT.

more complaints please!

long nap time

This write up is hilarious!

The blog post is the only good thing about these stupid mini-tripods.

Woot must hunt down those that bought these at the last Wootoff and repurchase them only to resell them at the next Wootoff… there is no way Stanley made that many of theses flashlights.

I took 3 for the team. your turn.

You just had to open your mouth. Now we all get to wait for the rest of eternity for these flashlights to sell out. Thanks

I like how fast this is moving. lol

Night vision goggles,

Quite the night for er, night-time items.

I bought one of these back in November. It’s pretty cool, very useful when working on my car.