Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight

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Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New


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I feel like this was my first woot…

It’s still alive and kicking. Decent light, obviously there are better.

Great for camping because I can seperate the lights and both of my kids get one (that gets left on and eventually dies) and I have one left for when nature calls.

Home Depot has a good review

Mine works fine. Plastic mainly, the 3 individual flashlights and the standing abilities are good ideas in theory, but haven’t had much use for these yet. Similar sentiments for the flexibility of the light heads themselves. Light is pretty good, the 6 batteries might be a concern for some, but so far, batteries not worn down.

I purchased one here 15 months ago. All that works now is one of the 3 lights. The other two both had the caps break so they no longer hold batteries. There are better choices out there.

Can’t say I was crazy about the one I used to have. I hardly used it, but apparently rolling around my car was too much for it. A tad delicate, my example was.

Great flashlight. I picked this up from woot years ago and also gave them as presents. The individual flashlights come in real handy. I use them for running at night sometimes.

I bought these 4 years ago in a two pack for $23. I still have one of them (the other met it’s end in, or out of, the hands of a 8 year old in a porta potty at night last year).

While the light construction is not the best, the utility is very handy when outdoors at night. I often use it when camping and everyone comments about how useful it is. Someone needs to go to the restroom, they can break off from the group and have a light. Set it up on the table and everyone can eat. I will usually leave them in pieces around at night while sleeping to make sure it is always easy to find a light. When they are individual, they are similar to a 2 AA maglite for brightness. When all three are combined they are brighter than a 3 D maglite, but do not have the beam focusing ability.

They are made of plastic. This makes them less durable than a maglite or similar aluminum flashlight. It also makes them considerable less weight, which is nice when carrying around for a bit extra safety and comfort at night. Also, the batteries on mine, which get regular use for 7 months of the year, last about 1 to 1.5 years.

So, if I am out by myself and need a rugged flashlight I can depend on, i will always choose a maglite or similar durable lamp. But, casual camping in a group, especially with kids, I would take this everytime.

When this light was first introduced I bought three sets (each light originally came with a tiny tripod keychain light), one for myself and two as gifts. That was quite a few years ago but, last I knew, all were still working fine. Used individually, the lights are adequate for walking the dog, etc., however when assembled it puts out a lot of light and throws it a good distance. The tripod design and tilting heads are invaluable when working under a sink, for example. Tilting the heads lights the area very well and of course the tripod means you can use both hands for the job. Another time where those design features “shine” is during a power outage. Setting it on a central table in the room and tilting the heads provided a roomful of light. Granted, many types of lights can accomplish these things but most don’t offer the versatility of being able to be separated, allowing three users to benefit simultaneously.

Note: If you do separate the lights frequently I suggest you simply mark them so you don’t end up always grabbing the same one each time. I found that significantly running the batteries down on one of the lights affected how much time I could later get when using the light fully assembled, compared to when alternating the use of the individual lights. Though the manufacturer “recommends” replacing all of the batteries at the same time.

Everyone seems to forgetting the real deal that woot had back on 1/17/2010 when you received the Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight with Mini-Tripod Keychain for only $9.99 (Link Here) with 184 comments

There was even a Tuesday deal, two for $17.99.

I bought two and have used them like crazy. In attics, crawl spaces, auto work, electrical wiring in dark places, wet places, camping and they are all still going strong. No broken parts. The minis legs didn’t hold up as well but they were like free gifts and the flashlight still works.

Thanks,I bought them back then but could not remember what I paid…those were the good old days ! I have two and they still work,nice light but I would not pay the $20+ Woot is asking today. Very good deal when 2 for $18 not so much today.

Yup, I bought them in the Two for Tuesday deal and have loved them since. There’s no way I’d pay $20 for just one flashlight. And not including the cute keychain this time is just a “twist of the knife” from Woot.

I have one of these for years now. I bought it from here, but it was on a 2 for 19.99 deal. I like the fact that each light uses 2AA and AA are on deals all the time so I keep 6 spare AAs in my car.

And yes, it came with mini flashlights and they work great too.

I bought this set in 2009…lol (and it has been working fine since then and it stayed in car with -20 deg weather)

Got a pair of these in the 2-fer deal woot had a few years back. My father-in-law, who is a farmer, says it’s the best Christmas present we’ve ever gotten him, and we’ve gotten him some pretty expensive stuff. The Flashlight is one of the brightest I’ve seen coming from LED light. It’s so convenient for those tasks to where a standard flashlight is too big or under the sink (as someone else previously mentioned). Both flashlights I purchase are still in good working condition. I’m down for 3 more for gifts.

Seriously, Woot? I remember the days when I bought this exact same product on a 2forTuesday for 20… what’s happened to you?

Woody1 is right on - and that was my thinking as well - these are great flashlights but I recall them being a lot cheaper when I got them in the past. The utility value of them for working with hands full of tools under the car or sink, relighting a water heater, etc, is great. But for this price, you might be better off just buying a bunch of those $2 LED throwaways. Now if this were a 2-pack at this price, Woot…hint hint.

really WOOT? Quit wasting my time. Even Amazon had these for $21 back in 2009! These should be on sellout, because that’s exactly what has happened over the years.

Take it easy everyone. Bringing up the good ol’ days is perceived (by schmucks) as “belly aching/complaining” and being “indignant”. We can’t have any of that.

On a related note, this flash light has its pros and cons. It’s nice to split up when needed and having 100 lumens in one spot is great. The battery life isn’t however, buying double AAs that fast gets pricey. The construction of it is pretty cheap, don’t expect it to take a beating. Really, it’s a hit or miss.

I also bought this type of flashlight at least 3 years ago. At the time they were available in a 2 pack (some may remember that was TWO FOR TUESDAY)and I still have and use one set today. I bought 3 sets and gifted 2 sets. These are great flashlights…bright and very useful. My family was happy to have them when Sandy came blowing in last year.