Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight

I got one of these for xmas a couple years ago. Within a couple of months the spring out legs got sprung out permanently. Have to use a rubberband to hold it together. Flashlight still works though.

The one I got from Woot 4 years ago just broke last week. A piece broke off from the plastic housing which holds the individual flashlights in place. I only used it about a dozen times over the 4 years. I never dropped it, it broke just from sliding the individual flashlights in and out of the tripod setup.

Same here. We have 1 or 2 left so we’re only getting 1. The price is higher and it looks fancier but ours still work well and are great for working on cars or power outages.

Found this item for $15 + $8 S&H via google search. Unless you’re getting other stuff in the exact same purchase (because combining the day’s purchases into a single shipping charge is too far beyond woot’s ability… grumble), it’s cheaper elsewhere.

I bought a couple of these on the 2 for Tuesday deal some years back. One got lost and I never did find it.

The other only lasted a couple of years. As someone above said they are delicate. Ended up putting black tape around one of the swivel heads because it broke after a month. If this was only $5 I’d get another in heart beat.

I, too, got these during a twofer deal some years back. Of the 6 individual flashlights I received, 1 still works. I didn’t even treat them roughly. One just sat in a car.

The tripod function was, indeed, very handy, and combining the flashlights made for a bright light. But this required metal contacts on the side to maintain good contact with the tripod, and even when they did, sometimes it wouldn’t turn on at all. Even with fresh batteries in all 3.

Great idea, poor construction.

Pass on this unit people. Mine already broke with very light use.

Bought a few years ago that came with keychain mini - 2 fer deal. This is no deal