Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight

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Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, May 28 to Thursday, May 29) + transit
Condition: New


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10/15/2012 - $20.00 (Woot Plus)

Price Drop Alert!

Home Depot had a happy buyer

I bought a dozen of these years ago from woot. It’s hands-down, the best flashlight I’ve ever owned. I’ve given some to family and they agree. I’m tempted to buy a few more sets.

I paid $17.99 on 3/9/2010, though they did come with a useless keychain flashlight too.

Devil’s advocate, here: I owned one of the 1st gen versions of this Stanley flashlight. It ate batteries like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and I have turned people away from them for that very reason. Hopefully, they’ve changed it (judging by the previous posts, they have). As they say, YMMV.

The Stanley design is creative and even after adding shipping the price is good @ $15. (Although a few recent reviews at Woot mother Amazon raise some winding-down production QC concerns.)

Another option - we have two of the following work lights from Lowes and they are by far the most ‘flexible’ lights we’ve ever had.

  • Lithium-ion battery (built-in 110v charger) + extra AA battery pack, both with strong magnet mounts.
  • Intense, focusable beam. (half-globe lens)
  • Low area light + blink modes.
  • Infinite positions.
  • Modular, removable snake fitting.

$8.99 in store (clearing out this model for…)
$17.98 same light + pouch, shippable

Lowes Kobalt Worklight

Thought in March 2010 the price was $17.99 for two and both came with the keychain light.

I bought two in 2010; one for my home, one for my BFF’s home. Within one year, two of three of the lights ceased to work on both our 3-in-1 light–they soon became 1-in-1 flashlights. The tripod function is relatively lame. I recommend that you waste your pain units ($$) elsewhere.

It was 2 flashlights & 2 keychain lights for that price.

I bought 12 of these flashlights starting about 2 years ago and extending through 2 or 3 woots. I kept 3 of them for our family and gifted the other 9 to family and friends. Everyone I gave them to loves them, as do I.

We used ours through the Sandy blackout and found many uses for them. Still finding more uses for them today. They have survived the rigors of use over the past 2 years or so and are still working today as they were when I first took them out of the box. This was a worthwhile and very memorable woot.

Maybe not. I’m from the generation where you brought an incandescent flashlight camping for a weekend and needed 2 sets of D batteries with you as spares. I lack perspective on how much juice these eat, but whatever it is, the ability to make the flashlight stand and shine with all 3 or grab one and go outweighs battery life in my typical usage scenarios.

Well, then I’d be a little more hesitant in picking these up. They may appear again in the $5 bin. #notthesameoldwoot

Is “100 lumens of combined light” right? That seems awfully weak to me to be much of any use. Am I missing something?

Just the convenience of being able to hand your kids 1 of 3 flashlights without worrying about her forgetting to return it.

I’m sure glad I picked one of these up in a woot-off just eight days ago for $14.99 (+$5 shipping) instead of the $9.99 it is today.

Ha ha, suckers!

Wait, what?


My brother-in-law’s name is Stanley and my sister alternates referring him as the tripod and the tool. Not sure if she is intending it as a term of endearment or as an insult - guessing that they both work either way.

Great Deal! Rechargeable battery and twice as bright. 200 lumens over 100.

My mother gave my husband one of these for Christmas a few years ago. It was complete junk- ate batteries like it was it’s job, leg broke off, and it kept tipping over.

I ended up throwing it away after it cr@pped out on me one too many times.

Several years ago, I got one for my now husband/then boyfriend, my dad, and myself. My cousin saw my dad’s and was so impressed that I got one for my cousin when they were posted again. In other words, I bought four of these. Unfortunately none of us have these anymore. They all broke…