Stanley 300 Instant/ 600 PEAK Amp Jump Starter with Charger

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Stanley 300 Instant/ 600 PEAK Amp Jump Starter with Charger
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Does anyone have experience with these? Looks like it would be a really handy thing to have.

I’ve had to jump start the wifes car several times. It really sucks in the winter when her car is in front of mine in the drive way, facing away from me. A portable jump start charger is convenient, and you don’t have to rely on a stranger in a parking lot.

I have a much larger, and much heavier, Energizer jump starter and portable battery pack. I love it, but it becomes a pain in the ass when I just want to throw it in the car when I go on long trips in the event I have a dead battery.

The thing is nearly 30lbs vs this one at almost 9lbs and this one is 1/3rd the size.

I may pick one of these up.

Also, if you buy one of these, you can use a regular old extension cord, but it’s better to get a shorter 3-prong cord from the mothership. What I did was bought one and used velcro cable ties to attach it to the handle so I always have it available.

The 3 only reviews on Amazon sound like they only used it once. Granted I hope not to have to use it frequently, but the life/quality of this JumpStart pack is unknown. I wouldn’t want to place too much dependence on this unless there is done sort of guarantee.

I’d rather spend the extra $at someplace like Costco that provides the customer a little more assurance in quality.

Just my two cents.

I’ve got the older and heavier version from, maybe, 3 years ago. I have used it countless times personally and in my business and have loved it. I once used it after my wife’s alternator died on her Subaru–it was on a dirt road in the mountains. I hooked it to the battery, wedged it in the motor and was able to drive it 7 miles down a winding dirt road (with the hood up) to a paved road where AAA would come tow it! I only saw one car coming towards me on the road and with my hood up and my head out the window–boy did they make room for me to pass!

The one I own is a different make, but it’s been fantastic. It does have to stay plugged in at the house all the time if you want to use it (taking it on a road trip would be fine) so don’t expect to leave it in your car constantly. But if you ever go out and find your car won’t start up it’s loads easier to just hook this up to it, wait a few minutes and start it up. Even if you have to go ‘rescue’ someone else, bringing this along makes the job easier. (Or for Prius owners who can’t jump other’s cars!)

The only time it didn’t work was because it couldn’t–the battery required replacement!

Great idea! Just had to use the neighbor’s car for a jump start when my son left his door open for the whole night. This is $49.99 at Walmart, so essentially the same price when you factor in shipping. However, it would probably be easier to work with Walmart if it doesn’t last and you need to return it.

I keep one of these on my boat, saved me many times and now I won’t leave shore without it.

These are a must have. NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT ONE!!!

I also have an energizer model and it saved my bacon this winter. Plus it has a 300 PSI air compressor which I find extremely handy. I’d recommend these, but would go for a more fully featured model if possible.

Bought this to replace my previous portable jumper box. GREAT to have in the freezing New England winters (which seem to span roughly into June these days…).

Have a Stanley 450/900 amp model that happens to include a builtin LED light and compressor as well but that one is currently twice as expensive. Rock solidly made. Going strong after over 5 years. Had another brand that died after a year.

Not only handy for jumping a car or motorcycle:

  • jumping garden tractor stuck out in the back property.
  • jumping a boat or jet ski.
  • jumping electric start generator that has been sitting idle too long.
  • dry camping portable power supply.
  • while camping can charge it with portable solar panels.

Would barely research other brands if ours died - would buy Stanley again in a heartbeat.

Agreed - I’ve jumped other boats a few times the old fashioned way…pain in the arse! This little beauty can just be handed to the other boat. DONE!

Long life tip (for these portable jump batteries!): top off the charge about every 1-2 months. Letting the battery discharge will greatly shorten its longevity and capacity.

(Read your owners manual to determine battery care.)

Is it just me… or does this look like a Cyberman??

Any Dr. Who fan would know what this really is.

In addition to all of the above, here’s one more important way a jump starter like this can save you money…

If you plan to buy or already own a back up home generator with a starter, you don’t need to buy a tiny, special purpose size battery for the generator, which are priced at about $100 or more. Just use a jump start battery to start. Once the generator is started, you can disconnect and use it for another purpose.

@acanarelli, off track a bit here but…

Point taken on not needing a battery for your electric start generator if you simply use this jumper. But if you want a dedicated battery for your generator there’s no need to spend “$100 or more” on a special battery. Any $35 garden tractor battery will do the job.