Stanley 300 Instant/ 600 PEAK Amp Jump Starter with Charger

I have a different model of this and I have used it several times, works great. I agree with some one who hinted at it looking like a cybermen’s head, It does.

Description says its a charger too, has anyone used it as a charger (just leaving it pluged in and connected to the car battery). I cant seem to find any info on this. Everything is about jump starting. I want it for both but I have a classic that I dont drive much and I am always having to jump start it when I do want to drive it. I’ve been looking for a charger and this one says its both. But any info would be appreciated.

My mother-in-law got this for me (probably from woot) for xmas. I was able to jump my car twice on a single charge. (once at home, once coming home from work) You may have to leave it hooked up to your battery for a bit before trying to start the car though. 5-10 minutes…longer than you would with jumper cables, anyway.
It’s also nice that it has the 12v plug on the front. This turns it into a big power supply for charging your cell phone (included USB plug!) or operating any device that can plug into the 12v jack. Power goes out and your cell phone is nearly dead? No worries, just charge 'er up using your Stanley Jump Starter with Charger!

A comparable Stanley model is 49.99 w/prime shipping…same 300/600 amp… Plus it has a build in led work light (would come in handy if you’re jumping in the dark) deal is lukewarm at best.

When you find better (or comparable) deals, please provide links to save us all the trouble of searching.

How is this different than carrying a spare battery? Either a smaller one for jump starts or the exact same size for a direct swap out.

Basically, it has a battery inside pre-connected to jumper cables, right?

md is correct.

I entered into google search: amazon stanley jump start 600 and found it at $50 with free ship.

The reason why these are so heavy is because the battery is lead acid based. That is also why it’s a good idea to top off the charge every 1-2 months or so.
The heavier older model may have a larger battery. I am more leery about the lighter size - unless lead acid battery technology has changed.

In answer to the mitchell: yeah…kinda like a battery except more portable, easy to charge and utilize. Lugging the spare battery from your trunk to the battery in the car can be problematic, unless you have a bmw with the battery in the trunk.

I have 2 of these…one is Black Decker and the other is Power on Board. Bought over 4+ yrs ago. I find them very handy. Keys left in ignition, lights left on, door left open, too cold and many other unknown reasons, they have come in handy so many times when the battery is too weak to start. A quick plug to the car battery, a few minutes and you are good to go.

I have one from Harbor freight thats just a little more powerful and its awesome, ive used it for the following things.

  1. Jumpstart my cars, ive jumpstarted my Van over 3 times on one charge.

  2. Charge electronic devices when camping, this will give many full charges to your phones and still have power to jump start a vehicle

  3. Power source for Model Rocket launches. i have a model rocket club and use it to power my multi rocket pads for 100 launches on a singel charge.

My experience with items like this is that they do not start a vehicle with a totally dead battery. I have one from sears with 1200 PEAK Amp and with a full charge it won’t start a vehicle with a totally dead battery. I would buy if it can start a vehicle with a totally dead battery.

@mitchellsngleton, might not be so good an idea to carry a spare, loose battery in the trunk for a lot of reasons, especially due to the risk of shorting out against something else. (Just like a bomb.) Also, these portable units have anti-spill lead acid batteries.

Other functional differences vs a spare battery:

  • built in self-charging, either via 120 volt AC or via 12 volt DC.
  • integral on/off switch disables juice at the cables, a key safety feature.
  • built in 12 volt accessory port & included USB charging adapter for mobile devices.
  • much easier to carry.
  • as you note, built in jumper cables, self stowing.

You’d likely spend a lot more money buying all that functionality in pieces… And then end up with a box of loose parts.

Sounds interesting…how do I know the one my search finds is the same one you found? Maybe post a link next time?

Is this the one? Same model, but $59 + $14 shipping on the 'zon.

Sorry, NOT TRUE! The chances of a tractor battery fitting the “tiny” compartment of a backup generator are remote.

Actually that isn’t true. Almost every car has a 12 volt outlet in it so you can use a double ended plug to keep the unit it charged in your car. Basically you just leave it plugged into a 12 volt outlet all the time. Many autos shut the power outlets off when the car is shut off, some don’t but either way it doesn’t matter. The unit will always be fully charged when you need it as long as it’s always plugged in. My truck happens to have an AC outlet so that makes it a bit easier but the other method is just as effective. Mine is in the truck all winter and is always fully charged. With today’s newer cars you probably want to avoid jumping with another car as much as possible.

@acanarelli, it was from personal experience - a garden tractor battery worked great in ours. Your experience may vary. Always a good idea to measure twice. :wink:

When I clicked on Wootstalker’s amazon link, this was the top hit. It is $49 with prime shipping.

Stanley J309 Jump Starter

Responding back to this: that’s a more basic model, the model we’re selling is one with other accessories like a USB charger.

This unit is junk. Battery won’t hold a charge at all. Not even for 3 hours. More junk from Woot. Gets worse all the time.