Stanley 34 Piece Mechanics Tool Set



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Stanley 92-665 34pc 1/4” & 3/8” Drive 6pt Socket Set
condition: New

$9.99 + $5 shipping


In for three. Finally a manufacture I trust in tools. Thanks woot!


can i fix my transmission with this tool set?


Nice little set. However, the sockets will not stay in their places. Still, not bad at all for the price.


How can you go wrong with a lifetime warranty??!!!


For under ten bucks this might be a good set just to keep in the car for emergencies.


Would depend. What do you know about autos ? What type of transmission ?



Great job Woot! A good manufacturer… though I think they are made in China now days. But still, it’ll be a great set for the car.


Not enough sockets for my blood.


“All Stanley® ratchets and sockets are manufactured globally”

i.e., China. But worth the price.


Cheapest on Froogle is $25+ shipping. Not bad at all. I’m in for one. At the very least, nice to keep in the car!


I don’t need this. But this is a great deal on some decent tools. Get it if you don’t have a socket set, Gyro.


Stanley Americas tools are made for …you guessed it! The Americas. China for China, Europe for Europe, etc.


In for 3 , great stocking stuffers


I’m thinking.

Great price, the 3 screwdrivers would cost you $10.00
Great price.
I’m in for 3

Thanks Woot


Oh, what the heck. In for one…


wow, much less than offered for before. wish I had got extra for friend.


I like em. I’m in for 3 (2 as xmas gifts and 1 for me). Thanks Woot! Thanks to you my Christmas shopping is nearly complete!!

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Did not remember seeing these offered before. I will send you one of mine purchased for the exact price + shipping charges. But know someone for the holidays will get generic one from harbor. :wink: