Stanley Classic 2 Quart Vacuum Bottle

Really? Twice during the same woot off?

They say stainless, but the key phrase that is missing is “double wall stainless” vacuum bottle.

I have an old stanley vacuum bottle that is so-called stainless, but it is glass inside; so not useable by my kids, for example.

Hey, I missed it the first time, so I’ll take the double.

And hey, first sucker! That’s a first for me

Ha! When I went to bed last, this was up there, and when I came back this morning, this was up there.

I figured it was just really slow selling!

Ahh . . . that green Stanley vacuum bottle brings back some memories. How often can you buy something “new” these days that looks exactly like the one you grew up with?

If you search for this same product online, you’ll see it is stainless on the inside too. Not glass. I had the same concern, but looked into it and found the info that was missing.