Stanley FatMax 9-Pocket Nail & Tool Pouch

Heres to the guy who asked for useless junk he can afford.

Does this tool belt make me look fat?

I’m speechless

someone have this?
how similar is this to an electricians tote, i need one but dont want to pay the $80 for the ones ive seen
cant find a different product picture on google

$29.99 at Amazon

Product Website

Quick! Everyone buy 3 for the wife and/or girlfriend so we can move along here.

Anyone know the material it’s made out of?

LOL, as if anyone on Woot even knows how to use tools!

This will be great for people who have, say, one or seven TV stands to build.

And how useless were such things when they helped build the very room you are sitting in?


@rmallon Your wife/girlfriend is also into woodworking? That’s awesome.

Just today I was on a ladder wearing my 8 pocket pouch and really coulda used that 9th pocket

Now I have a way to keep all those SOG knives I bought handy.

There have been about a half dozen things I would have grabbed if I could combine shipping on all of them.

They aren’t going to ship for two weeks anyway, why not do it that way?

I have a feeling that if Woot ever gets Amazon Prime shipping, I’m going to drop a ton of cash on Woot-offs.

Is this something for beginner kamikaze terrorist?

Yep, but at least you can show off how much stuff you can hold to your friends!

It should be a nylon / plastic composite with a bit of leather and metal here and there.

Imo, I use a full leather one. No chance of tearing or ripping…

[edit] Now that I think about it - it’s canvas/nylon on the front. and yes, you need a wide leather belt to put this on. [/edit]

throw in some tools I would buy it… wait maybe not.