Stanley FatMax 9-Pocket Nail & Tool Pouch

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Stanley FatMax 9-Pocket Nail & Tool Pouch
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Time to do some Engineer cosplay.

Is this like Woot’s going out of business sale? 3 of these 4 of those? Eh, heck let’s just make the warehouse empty.

I will look so good with my oven mitts and this thing with my bbq tools hanging in it

next halloween I will pretend to be a carpenter dressed as a kangaroo.

These hold nails and several other things.

$29.99 on the mothership.

Uh… no more rotating lights?

But my name is not Max.

Happy to snag a bigger pouch!

snagged one.

would have been nice. just not fast enough.

I am not sure I want to put something that says “FatMax” around my middle. I think my waistline more than speaks for its self… Yikes!

i always miss out on the nice craftsperson woots. I have no need for phones of tvs, bring on the tools. this would have been a nice pick up