Stanley FatMax Clip-n-Grip Screwdriver Woot Info Post
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Stanley FatMax Clip-n-Grip Screwdriver [New] - $2.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Stanley 69-188M FatMax Clip-n-Grip Screwdriver

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Stanley FatMax Clip-n-Grip Screwdriver
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Stanley 69-188M FatMax Clip-n-Grip Screwdriver

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I really want a boggy old creature. I’m screwed.


That’s naughty!

Up next, an electric toothpick dispenser bobble-head deluxe knife set with bonus weed eater replacement wire.

I got basicaly the same thing plus more in the last bangin Orville caddy

Opinions on this technology?


rumor I heard was this was going to be the first 4 day Woot off and there are a couple surprises coming about half way.

but thats just me and I know a couple chicks in the organization…

There really hasnt been one boc yet?

buy 3, sell on ebay for 50 bucks each.

What is ‘woot rep’, and when did this woot off begin?

How can anyone resist a “FatMax?” I have a funny feeling that will become a euphemism at nearly the speed of light…

No work on the suprises huh? I mean its not like many people will see them on the screwdriver blog.

Will this help me on Darth Star completions?

In for two - heaven sent for those that have to fix things, but are clumsy or end up stabbing their fingers.

fuck someone in the ass with a lawn dart, burn someones nipple off with a bic lighter, mutilate a brain with a cheese grater and cut someones wiener off with a hot piece of glass. anything but let the next woot item be a son of a dickhole, mother fornicating, father raping, cousin kissing screwdriver!!!

Are you surprised the bamboo and knife sold as quick as they did lol.