Stanley FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe Rip Claw Hammer

Easy to use

Wow. For all of you looking for a BOC, I think you’ve found it.

anti vibe??? does that mean it doesn’t take batteries???



this will aid in removing targus ipod locks.

For all those locked down iPods!

Oh for the love of god WHY???


Dear Jerkface hahah, I don’t know.

YES! My fav woot items are the handy/deadly ones.

If you’re bored, you guys should stop by!

Lawl twentieth? = D

Edit: twenty-eighth, or so XD

Looks like I’ll be needing another tool chest…

Why does this have odd references to the last thing sold?

The hammer can bash that iPod to bits.
It has a “Claw.”
It’s also made of steel…


very fine hammer, i use two professionaly on a daily basis…in for none=/

takes this hammer and slams it up WOOT’S ass

Does this product aid in the removal of ipod locks

For the love of god … This was a ebay best buy last week, no shipping !
Nice try W00T

Well, you know what this means? Time to poop!