Stanley FatMax Xtreme Round Top Tool Bag

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Stanley FatMax Xtreme Round Top Tool Bag
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Stanley 501300M FatMax Xtreme Round Top Tool Bag

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Wrong kinda bag :frowning:

Another man bag

WOOT! I always wanted a cloth toolbox!

So this is a toolbag?

included with tools, right?

not too xtreme.

This looks suspiciously like an extra-dimensional cargo pouch.


Universally positive reviews (n=7)

A tool bag? How many jokes can we fit in about Wooters being a bunch of tools?

“One upon a time” the words that will rewrite all stories as we know them.

Normally sells for 60 bucks… SO tempting… wish I had more money to spend, no justification to replace my old-fashioned metal toolbox, though.

And a darn good deal on that one at that. Amazon lists for $49.99 and that’s less than anything on google shopping results.

Can the ladder I just bought two woots ago fit in this bag?

These also make good ‘range bags’, for those of us who have more firearms than we have tools :slight_smile:

These are the BEST!!
In for one.

In for one, excellent price and very useful even if you don’t have tools.

Great gardening bag, shooting bag, or any thing that you need to carry a lot of accessories for.

$50 or more on froogle.

Might be useful… But $20 seems steep.

lots of multiple sales