Stanley FatMax Xtreme Round Top Tool Bag

In for two since they’re $50 on Amazon. I could use one of these and the other would make a good Christmas gift.

I am proud to say I’ve to say I’ve touched by his noodley appendage…

In for one!

I needed this last weekend when I had to cart tools to my sister’s house to install her blinds.

This would have made it a lot easier than the canvas grocery bag I threw everything into (and poked holes in… and fished for bits in…).

In for 2!!! These sell for over $50!

Carp! Did they only have FOUR???

This would make a great diaper bag for guys.

I’ve been looking for a carry-on bag this size. This thing is better looking than any I’ve found so far, so I’m getting it.

Guess this is tool day at Woot! -Thanks for joining all you tools!

This would be great to keep in the trunk of the car. Wouldn’t bonk around like a hard case. Mini-umbrella, a few first aid items, a few ICE tools, a flashlight and you’re good to go.

darn really wanted one of these but buy the time I clicked I want one it was sold out. :frowning:

WTF, they didn’t have too many of these
i wanted 3 :frowning:

Nice sack Woot!!!

This may be a stupid naaab question, but is there a set time that has to go by before a sold out item is replaced by a new one in a woot off? sells this same bag for $49.99 + $14.27 shipping. 5 stars, 7 costumer reviews. Check it out here!

I wish I’d gone for 3 of these. Amazing price and these are so much better than the hard plastic cases so many tool sets come in. With those hard sided cases you have to get everything in just-exactly-perfect or the case won’t close… Then the snap closer ends up breaking in a month.

If you need this for travel, airlines pretty much restrict the size and this looks too big. Carry-on baggage may not exceed 45 linear inches (or 115 cm) in combined length, width, and height - approximately 22 x 14 x 9 inches.
Using this rule, length + width + height of the bag totals 49.25.
That said, it is a fantastic bag and I’d hate to see what the airlines might do to it if they made you check it at the gate (I’ve had this happen even on a smaller bag).

I doubt anyone will be looking here since this is long into the past but I’m just getting mine today (should have got 3 but oh well) because it’s coming smart-post. I thought it was coming ground. Can anyone who got one of these just respond with their delivery method; I’m wondering if using a coupon code down-graded the shipping since I used the ‘serendipity’ code for this item.


I just got mine today, and they are really nice. Much bigger than I expected, but that’s cool with me. Got one for me and another for a Christmas gift.

Great woot!!!

They wouldn’t change the shipping method on a few orders because of a coupon code.

Was your address a PO Box by chance? I don’t think ground can ship to a PO Box so they have to change those to SmartPost.

Also, wait a day or two to see if you get the other 2. If they’re large, they often come in separate boxes. If you don’t receive the other two, contact for assistance.

Thanks for replying. I was just saying I should have ordered three for the price, I only ordered one and I’m really quite pleased with it (seems much bigger IRL) My only question was the original blog entry had a ground icon for the shipping and in the end it came smart-post to my residence (no PO Box). I’m just one of those folks who wants their new toys ASAP and was hoping it would show up a little sooner, thinking it was coming by any means other than smart-post. Still not big deal and a great price, THANKS AGAIN WOOT!