Stanley FatMax Xtreme Technician Bag

I R Dumbfounded.

Fatmax to the rescue!

You got to be kidding me!

these are funny

ive seen them

buy 3

I’m pretty sure most of you need one of these.

what size batteries does it take?

next holloween send your kid out as the cable guy.


I worked in a hardware store WAY too long to ever want/need this…


I only want it if it says WOOT on the side!

WTF is wrong with a toolbox!

I must be a Palin for staying up this late for this crap…

Sure we are all looking for a bag… just not this one… sorry stanley…


Theres my quality post of the night!

  • curtsy *

Too small for broad axes though, maybe some warhammers, and i bet it could only fit 6 potions of gain ability at most.

no way…i want to b an xtreme technician… will this get me started?


Not too pc…

How many screaming monkeys will fit in this?