Stanley Garage 3-Drawer Cabinet

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Stanley Garage 3-Drawer Cabinet
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Stanley 718030R Garage 3-Drawer Cabinet

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New Stanley Garage 3-Drawer Cabinet, for $39.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Stanley 718030R Garage 3-Drawer Cabinet

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Stanley Garage 3-Drawer Cabinet [New] - $39.99

1 Stanley 718030R Garage 3-Drawer Cabinet

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/ too slow for comfort /

Can I put tools in it?

Stanley Garage 3-Drawer Cabinet

* + $5 shipping

1 Stanley 718030R Garage 3-Drawer Cabinet

Wait… what?

$89.99 on Overstock:

Uhm? Why not? it would be yours.

only if you click your heels together 3 times

Holy shit - in the time it took to ask for 2 it sold out

i want something cool///

wow pretty good deal, and went fast too

Oh for pete’s sake!! Wonder how long this one will take to go away.

I cant believe something this big can be shipped for 5 bucjs,

Same price on Woot back in Nov…still way cheaper than walmart

That was almost a good deal. Too bad it’s only a 3-drawer! WTF can you do with a 3-drawer? It says it’s for the “garage”… meh…

there were only 11 of these?? what were they, returns from previous woots?

how did that crap sell out sooo quickly??? people just buy to get to the next one now.

Dang, SOLD OUt - only 11 of them - DANG IT