Stanley Garage 3-Drawer Cabinet

whats next…hurry


Lance19 External:

Height (with Legs): 6’1"
Height:(without legs): Ack!

come on we need a hammer next

Son of a, sat down refreshed the page, saw it though ooo that looks nice, could use one of…damnit sold out


This thing sold out faster than a Bag of Koi. I wanted 3 but by the time I hit the final buy button it was sold out.

Why does Woot bother if they only have 11 of them?



cant believe I messed this one!

Second time I missed this!!! Be perfect for my Miter saw. Oh well next time, come on BOC!

WOOOOOOOOT i got the last one~

Got mine today. Easy to assemble, seems pretty sturdy for being made mostly out of plastic. I put masonite top on it to finish it off.

It came with gloves. I did not know what they were for. After I was done putting the cabinet together, I looked at the instructions, and saw that you were suppose to wear them when you pounded it together.

I hope not using the gloves does not void the Limited Lifetime Stanley Warranty!