Stanley Garage Base/Wall Cabinet

good price… but don’t need

Great…now I have place to put all my other woot carp that I never use…what a paradox…

It might be cool to buy two of them and mount them side by side if you need to organize your garage or something. But my only problem is it doesn’t have any blue LED’s on it.

What’s that dot in the middle of Missouri?

In case it was missed:

Really gone, this time…

cabinets r dumb, i want electronics

i think these are stackable too.

so buying 2 is a good bet.

think of it as 2 for the price of 1, $15 cheaper than overstock

do not want! unless there is a bondelier of carrots inside

I bought one. I wished I bought the one with drawers now.

dangit, me 2

This would in no way be large enough to house all my Justice League toys…er, collectibles.

Wootalyzer shows just under 1 minute left for this deal.

kinda small… If it was full size and not toy size, I’d be in for 2!

not a bad deal but I need 26 to make a dent. don’t got nuff $

I don’t think so…my husband said the one last night was a piece of sh*t. Something about pressed board sides. As in, can’t get it wet and won’t last long…

Of course, he has just about every tool known to man. He could easily be Tim Allen’s best friend. Too bad they weren’t at Western Michigan University at the same time. Tim’s a few years older, like 10.

They’re just recycling stuff now.

Does it work with Sansa?

I’m rather shocked Iowans aren’t gettin in on this… though we make out own cabinets or make garages to fit our toys.

wait! It’s called shelving! Now I know what to do!

Think this thing will hold a Barrel of Cognac?