Stanley MaxSteel Adjustable-Joint Pliers

meh…seen this episode already

please sell out fast!

SO much lag!


woot is messing with my emotions!

Whoa… what’s happening to the servers?


first page

this cant possiblly be a wootoff without a BOC?!

pliers! :slight_smile:

Woooot boc stanley

I wonder how it will ply my joints?

Doin’ my part. In for 3.

so are we going for a 48 hour woot off?

This… this… this is wrong… CURSE YOU WOOOOOOOT lol

3 day woot off?!?!?!?!?!


took one for the team

so we can get to

Bagel Over Cheese

That’s right, woot staffers. Sit there in the comfort of your office chair and quietly take delight in the suffering of thousands… offering only pliers and remotes for hours on end. I’ve caught on to your little game.

Pliers…Seriously…u guys okay???