Stanley MaxSteel Slip-Joint Pliers

Wow. Believe it or not, there are actually some reviews for this brand and even this product on Buzzillions. Not bad…

1 Stanley MaxSteel Slip-Joint Pliers

$3.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

shipping ruins this deal. i’d rather stop by home depot or lowes

how much are these normally?


Stanley is middle-of-the-road quality wise.
If you bought these at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or any of the Builder’s Circle stores you would pay more than this.

Ok, this is a good price but Plyers? Seriously, Plyers? On a tech loves sight? Plyers? O.M.M.F.G I am sorry I stopped watching the woot off for this! Seroiusly, Plyers?

do not want do not need…for now

$13 at Sears according to froogle.

for my family christmas, guys buy for guys and girls for girls. And gifts are sorted out and what not at random. So, i need to get somethin for a dude, get this? or hold out for somethin better on woot? 25 dollar spending limit.

I’d be kinda pissed if I got some pliers for Christmas! $25.00 or not, you can do better that this!

oops, sorry wrong woot site

Bah, I know all your resources are cranking away on the main site right now, but pliers, seriously? Wake me up when the Sansa ends.

OK…pliers are always good to have around. but with shipping it puts it pretty close to “I dont want to mess with this.” Today is my 2nd day to woot. why the hell do people always put pictures of cats on the comment section? Today alone I saw 3 cats and a police officer. I mean, leave a damn comment or don’t leave a comment. I don’t want to see a “funny” picture of a cat. (Funny is in quotes because it’s not funny. the whole cat with a limited vocabulary was sooo 7 months ago.) “I are buying sum plires. Fixin’ ur wiring problem in ur mobil hom” Gimme a break. “I are hatin ur cat…wishin i had a 12 gage.” to the buyer: pliers area great buy…but you gotta remember, these are techies. Give them tech.

One more thing. For festivus. Come on. “Merry xmas! Here are some pliers so you can pull out that cavity you always talk about!” Come on. If you’re going to spend 25 bucks buy them a trip to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. They are awesome and usually the hygenist is hot.

once u factor shipping. 2 for the price of 1 (and no sales tax).

The whole idea behind woot is that people will buy something/anything just because it is a good deal and they only have 24 hours or less before the good deal is gone/sold out.

Might as well have a pair of scissors or maybe a pack of pens at a good deal price…

I’ve been wooting for 2 months now, this being the 3rd wootoff of mine. I’m rather disappointed. Its ALL crap. And the first post in each forum is a price comparator. Hardly anything is ever a good deal anyway and sometimes its cheaper elsewhere. At the very most, I’ll find a product that is $150 at walmart, and $100 on be $95 on woot. O boy! save $5! …or wait a month and think about it and it’ll still be on for the same price…maybe cheaper…and all the other sites out there will ship quick and offer 100% returns unlike woot…

Just because there are people who will buy something simply because its cheaper doesnt mean that is the point of woot! The point of mcdonalds isnt for homeless people to have a place to hang out in during the day.

Looking at that point, however, things are cheaper on woot. You generally cannot find them at a lower price. I have yet to see an item on any of the woot sites that is cheaper anywhere else, at the same time of sale. You wouldnt compare the price of your tv today as to when you bought it (unless you bought it today). I certainly hope you dont have the expectation that the cost of electronics or technology rises over time.

If you think everything on woot is crap, stop visiting. Go buy stuff from other deal a day sites, where price isnt really the main factor. Then again, most people on this website arent looking for 36 tubes of super glue for just the s/h costs. Or 3 baby carriages for only 89.99. We look for either cool or cheap things. Like these pliers. Or a robotic vacuum.

A pair of scissors or a pack of pens would never be sold on woot. Unless it was a particularly nice pen with a neat feature, like a click ballpoint waterman. Maybe you could get novelty oversized scissors in a BOC. But not in a regular woot. Not even a woot-off. The crap items still have their point. You might see a dvd recorder, or a leakfrog, or a moving lips speakerphone, or bacon salt, but never something so simple as scissors.

Move along now, you have missed the point.