Stanley Nineteen13 Lunch Container



good reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon


A great review!


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I don’t understand…why buy this when you can purchase any assortment of bento boxes?

Daiso Japan has always been my go-to. For instance:


“perfect” reviews over at


In all honesty, I don’t see how it’s any different.


I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even fit the condiments for my lunch in that little box.


Did you watch the video? It’s actually roomier than it looks.


Thanks for showing what the inside looks like. That’s kind of important if you actually want to put things in it.


You must bring along some pretty hefty condiments. This thing holds 2 bottles of beer.


i bought a few last time. NOT for lunch, but for hand tools and workshop organizing, lol.


Could be used as a gun case…
Unfortunately, you cannot carry a gun and a beer at the same time…Damn!
It also might be illegal in your state to drink before you shoot.


In that video clip, it appears to me that the lunch case will not close completely and latch with a 16-oz. can inside

Maybe if the can were centered in the space, the container it might shut completely; but apparently not so if the can sits to one side

The two beers in bottles appear to fit okay; handle with care ?


oversized sunglass case…Could fit all the kids random glasses in here!

Would never fit my lunch in this. And yeah, bento box would be much better. No weird curved sides and lots of sections to seperate and hold food. This thing is JUST a case so you have to put your food in something else before putting it in.


So, is this lunch box insulated? Will it keep the 2 bottles of beer cold, or my meatball sub warm? A couple of pictures from the front and with it open would be nice. I saw the video but that was shown from the top with it open. It helps but a few more pics would be nice.

Thank you


Your obviously not from Texas :slight_smile:


It is not insulated. I really like the one I picked up a few weeks ago from WOOT. I pack a sandwich and a banana everyday for my High School senior daughter. The case fits very well in a backpack with her school books. I thought she’d scream that it wreaked of “Old Man”, but it works so well she likes it. The video is very accurate. It is also dishwasher safe. I’m in for three more.


…is that some guys bare foot at the top is this photo?