Stanley Ratcheting Driver with Sockets & HEX Keys Woot Info Post - it’s better than Bosnia

Stanley Ratcheting Driver with Sockets & HEX Keys [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Stanley 96-222 46pc Ratcheting Driver w Sockets & HEX Keys

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In for 1, this looks handy and portable

Found an amazons price, sadly no reviews
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Have 'em. Like 'em. The hexes don’t ratchet but the interchangable screwdriver/bolt thing does. A little awkward to hold but you get used to it.

I use these on my bike with good success. My only problem is that they don’t fit everywhere and the hexes sometimes want to go back into where they came, instead of staying out.

But for spots where you need to get at a hex in a tight area side to side, or from overhead, this is a great set. And really great at $8; I think I paid 15 for mine a few months back.

here’s the stanley website for the hex keys.

got this on the previous woot that’s already posted-they’re definitely useful and a great deal.

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:stuck_out_tongue: first sucker

Score! Fathers day gifts for my hubby and two brothers.

Got these in a previous woot, and I love them. I use them all the time for tearing things apart and putting them back together.

Bought one previously for the hex keys- they’re awesome. You can’t lose the keys, and they are much more comfortable to use than standard L-shaped hex keys (though they don’t fit as well in some tight spaces).

Thanks for mentioning the hexes don’t ratchet, that’s why I was going to buy it! Saved me from another tool I can’t use.

paid 15 shipped at another store… these are great - BUT they are bigger than i expected… just used them earlier today!

Thinking about buying a set so I can throw the metric hex set under my motorcycle seat. I just don’t know if it is small enough, there is barely any room at all under the rear seat of a cbr600rr.

How much ft/lbs torque can these withstand?..

“Your order is processing. Should be just a BIT now.”

…oh, I see what you did there!

thats exactly what i was thinking (except in my snowboard / mountain bike seat bag) it wouldnt fit either of mine… so check the dimensions…

These look too handy NOT to have. In for 2; one is a gift for @monopole (shhhhhh). :wink:

You’d be better off buying a small kit at a Bicycle store. Something like this or this