Stanley SS Water Bottle - 2 Pack



Edited: Thought this was the bottle I had. Actually I had a Stanley vacuum bottle that looks almost identical, but is a smaller capacity, so my original review was not of this product.

I am impressed with the bottle I have though, and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase these if I had a need for them. I can vouch that the taste is clean (not metallic) and the products are very well-made.

The bottle I used today kept the beverage cold for hours and had no condensation. However, after further research it appears these are not vacuum insulated, so the experience with these bottles may be far different.

Thanks for the quality post designation, sorry it was based on incorrect information I had posted originally.


previously on woot $10 for 3

no final answer on dishwasher compatibility. Supposedly hand wash only, but others say that will only “chip the paint”

product page



Bought these on an earlier woot. They are K-rap. Don’t keep water cold for long, can’t put it in the freezer or the shape of the bottle becomes distorted. So all around you are better off with a thermos if that is what you want, or a plastic “sports” style water bottle. Also they don’t hold a lot of water for a thirsty soul.


Thanks for the correction. Yes, this will not keep a beverage cold or warm because it is not insulated in any way. In fact, it’s worse than plastic because stainless steel conducts heat. In other words, heat from the air will warm up cold beverages, and conversely, heat from hot beverages will escape into the air.


Bought each style last time around. Wanted some extra water bottles to have at home, work, in the car…

Cool designs, the lid locks great and does not leak AT ALL. Half ice, half water will turn into room temp water in less than 30 minutes. No ability at all to keep drinks cold. When you do have ice cubes in it they sweat profusely. If you let the water sit in the bottle for about an hour you will notice a metallic taste. If you drink right away there is no issue. Easy to clean because of the wide open mouth. The paint is starting to peel off of the black bottle already. I expect over a few months it will be my new silver bottle once all paint is warn away. Despite the flaws, I still use it almost everyday. For this price I would absolutely recommend if you want something less fragile than a cup to drink from.


My biggest gripe about unlined stainless steel is that it can impart a metallic taste to liquids. It may also interact with certain ingredients. Country Time Lemonade, or example, specifically says to not use a metallic container.


I was really wanting to buy these but seeing as they will not hold liquids cold is a deal breaker for me. I work 10 hours a day so I need them to stay cold for a while.


Oh, good! I need more slightly warmer, cooler than my car water, coffee respectively.


Your best bet is to use a combination of the following:

  1. Freeze the container filled with the liquid of your choice. Do not completely fill because liquids expand when frozen!!! It will then slowly melt as you sip.

  2. Use ice sticks (since ice cubes probably won’t fit in the opening). See below. Some are enclosed in plastic so as to not dilute your drink.

  3. Use a Peltier cooler if you’re near a USB port. This one on Amazon is WAY overpriced. Woot had one for about $5.99 that had both COOL and WARM modes.

  4. Use a FirstIce pack. These are normally made for sports injuries but the fact that they stay cold for 2-4 hrs, and are very flexible makes them ideal for wrapping around drinks (the consistency is more like snow than ice). Just refreeze once they get warm and reuse.

Ice sticks

Peltier drink cooler

FirstIce pack


thanks for all the info.!


I picked these up last time. Only two issues I’ve had are:

• They state hand wash only. Haven’t tried a dishwasher.

• The large mouth, while it makes it easy to clean and fill. It is a little too large to drink from. It’s fine while standing still. Once the bottle is half empty or less though, be careful walking and drinking as it can easily jolt the water causing a spill.


The first time I got these from woot! they were in plastic bags, the second time (during a wootoff) they weren’t in bags and the black ones all had rub marks all the way through to the steel (I didn’t get any green ones, but they would presumably wear the same as the black). Not a big deal, but bagged would be better. Don’t know why they stopped.


I have multiple brands of these stainless bottles. Do NOT put in the dishwasher. The stainless will pit and leak from a pinhole when you least expect it. Hand wash in dishwater with a small amount of Clorox added to the water to disinfect. Buy extra bottles so you don’t have to wash them after waking up bleary-eyed every morning. Wash a batch, rinse, fill, set aside and pick one up on your way out the door.


Not insulated, not intended for keeping water cold. Simply a reusable water bottle that is durable and won’t leach stuff into your water.


Not IMHO. Plastic imparts a taste to purified water once the bottle gets hot. Not so with the stainless.


I fill my stainless with reverse osmosis water. I have a number of them and always wash and disinfect bottles between uses. I NEVER have a metallic taste in the water itself, and many times they are filled weeks in advance of use. I never put other liquids inside, especially acidic juices. I like the wide mouth, but stand still to drink from it, LOL.

I may be off the beam here, but perhaps those tasting the metallic taste are getting that from the bottle as it rests against the mouth, contacting acidic saliva? I know (yes, very unscientific lingo here) stainless easily throws off molecules as it oxidizes. One never sees the oxidation but can taste and smell it. I normally use it in the car, so usually pour into a plastic cup instead of drinking directly from the bottle. But that’s me…


I bought a pair last time these were up and I really enjoy them. It sounds like a lot of people just don’t like the concept of a stainless steel water bottle. To each their own, I say.

However, if you were in the market for this and were considering a SIGG or a Klean Kanteen, get this instead. It’s mouth is as wide as the Klean Kanteen’s wide mouth so you’re able to see inside the bottle very well during cleaning, there’s no lining like a SIGG, and the lid is leak proof with a nice loop handle. As a bonus, it’s a Stanley, so, it’s kind of like an American tradition.

I do agree that if you’re just going to be sitting on the computer while drinking, don’t bother getting a stainless steel water bottle. If you hike like myself, though, or if you’re just really rough on your stuff (like my wife), they’re ideal. My Stanley has so many dings already and I only got it a few weeks ago. That’s why I’ve kept the second one as a spare.

Overall, this is a great product if you’re in the market for a stainless steel water bottle.


Does anyone know of a sports-cap/straw-thingy that would fit the mouth of this? THAT would make these bottles perfect for my kids’ lunch packs.


I got these last time around too. They may not be insulated but if I put ice and water inside before I go to work, it will still be cold by the time I finish drinking it and go to refill it. Probably about 3 hours in 80-90 degree temps.

I don’t taste anything metallic using these. Most of the time I associate metallic tastes with aluminum based products.

You have to tighten the tops down all the way to get it to be “spill proof,” but then it becomes really difficult to open with one hand, like if you are driving.

Overall, for the price it’s a really good deal and I’m glad I ended up trying them out. I had just been re-using plastic retail water bottles for years and this is so much better.