Stanley Tool Family



We know you all take tools seriously. Are these good for someone starting out, or a valuable add to an existing collection?


Your name is awesome. Oh I mean absolutely. My Dad has a Stanley Screwdriver very similar to this one and has had it for decades now and is still going strong. I’m in for one for my own toolbox.

$14.49 at Amazon, no free shipping.

IMO this was a great way to unlock free shipping for the day.


Stanley 69-193 69-193 Push-N-Pick Screwdriver
List $19.99=50% off List Price
Condition New

for $10, i’ll just throw away the handle and use the inserts for my drill! these longer inserts are perfect for the end of my drill!


I have one of these. Not really sure how old it is, but it old.
My world came crashing down when I pulled it out to used it, the cap threads broke off inside the handle were the bits are stored. I was happy as antelope with nightvision googles.
It was my go to drive for everything.


The Stanley Push-N-Pick is a bad clone of a Picquic SixPac.


I wish Stanley tools were still made in the USA; we’ve got a lot from when they were and they were nice quality tools.

So far the ‘imported’ ones haven’t lived up to the previous Stanley reputation.


I thought my Stanley stud detector was defective - always going off every time I tried to use it, but it turns out when I let my less studly friends use they don’t have the same problem, and are able to use the device for it’s intended purpose.




Anyone have the rolling toolbag? I’m on a quest to prevent my father from lifting heavy satchels from now on.


Contrary to the name’s implications, I do not advise using the screwdriver set as a replacement for your index finger.