Stanley Utility Drink-Thru Travel Mug - 16 ounce

Pro tip: Don’t put in microwave.

Seriously? Who puts stainless steel items in the microwave??

The label says “leak drink”…why would I want that? :slight_smile:

I got this in a previous woot. It’s not easy to turn to open & close the lid. I never use it…

Got six of these during a recent Wootoff - they keep the coffee warm but are too wide for my cup holder. I have to set them on top of the emergency brake to travel with them.

Bought two of these at Wal-Mart recently for $7 a piece. They work well and the size is perfect.

I bought two last time they were on * The lid unscrews and is difficult to get back on straight. Well, maybe not difficult, per se, but it takes longer than should be reasonably expected for a travel mug. Also, the seal around the lid comes off and if you lose it, the mug no longer seals. That is, if you tip the mug, liquid comes out, no matter how tight you screw the lid on.

The moral of the story is, there is a reason these travel mugs are on woot for $2.99 each : poor design.

Same here. Great thermos but won’t fit in my cup holder.

i’d say the price is about right, but these aren’t high quality (i purchased in earlier 2 for tuesday woot). not very well insulated, so if you need all day warmth, look elsewhere. definitely will keep your drink warm for over an hour, which is good enough for me personally.

kind of hard to get the threading on the lid lined up, so it’s very tough to get it screwed in correctly without putting in some effort/finesse.

lastly, it’s a tall and somewhat narrow, so drinking from this can get tricky once you are more than half done with your beverage, often resulting in chin dribbling and a coffee stained shirt. this applies even more-so when driving or on public transportation.

i mostly like this for around the house in the winter. we keep the heat down pretty low, so this helps keep my coffee warmer for longer than it would in a regular ceramic mug.

Yay or nay, I’ve got two of them from a previous woot.
The lid can be tricky to handle, as many commenters have stated already, but they insulate quite well, and when closed are indeed unspillable.

Same complaint as others.

  1. Difficult to screw top in.
  2. Rubber seal comes off everytime you open it.
  3. Does not fit in car cupholder.
    I would not buy them again.

I’m using one right now. I kinda like the screw on lid. It’s much more liquid tight than other mugs. One thing I like is that it is very tall and skinny (that’s what she said), so by the time I get to the bottom, it’s still held on to the heat.

For $10, not really a bargain, but less than $5, go for it!

bought a pair elsewhere and was a wee bit disappointed.

Mainly due to the issues mentioned above in other posts - lids difficult to manipulate and most of all the poor thermal qualities. Doesn’t take long for coffee to cool down compared to other thermal mugs I own.

Expected better from a “Stanley”

Would these be good to take car camping?

I got three pairs of these on a previous woot off and like them - 4 stars

-Perfect seal, I throw them in my bag and throw it around with no spillage
-rugged durability, metal and plastic parts are solidly fused together and can take a beating

-you need to match up the threads of the inset lid with the mug to close
-beverage only stays hot for 30-40 min, good for a commuter but not someone who wants to take an extra cup for later

Id buy so many more Woot items if shipping were free. I guess it evens out when even the large items are still only $5 though. Ah well.

I got this in a previous woot-off
Although it came physically blemished it’s still an awesome cup and really leak proof. It looks good too - sleek chrome and not as garish as some other travel cups which use jet black accents.

Thanks for all the honest reviews that tell about the flaws as well as the pluses.

It requires two hands, one to turn and one to hold the mug. But I use my daily and love it. I can throw it in my lunch bag when it is closed and it will not leak a drop.