Stansport 11', 6-Person Inflatable Boat



Specs on Stansport’s official website:

Weight Capacity- 1200 lbs.
Engine Capacity- 4 hp gas or 74 lbs. thrust electric (not included)
Looks like a small engine can be mounted… :o


This looks sweet. I am tempted to buy one. Anyone have any experience with these?


I was going to get one but then I noticed the complete absence of bikini-clad models in the photos. What a shame.


Where do the other 4 people sit ?


I can tell you from my military experience working w/ inflatable boats that you will spend half the day pumping that thing up w/ that model foot pump.


There are steps that lead into the captain’s quarters underneath the front inflatable seat.


can i take these to a class 6 whitewater? 1200LB, I can put 8 200LB people on it, given that an outside leg in the water does not apply weight to the raft.


I needed this yesterday, it pops up today…

Talk about a day late and a dollar short…

New Orleans, La


Oh dear. I hope you are doing ok.


does anyone know where i would be able to find the motor mounts for this? tried looking online, with no luck…


If I’m correct, this is about 1mm thick. I have no experience with inflatable boats beyond water toys, and I don’t know how many “mils” your typical toy raft is.

Will this thickness puncture easily?



I found this about a different Kayak “38 mil Polykrylar” Sounds tough enough-ish…

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

“This kayak looks fantastic in white and engineered design for tough in any water conditions. Built with 38 mil PolyKrylar (K80 PVC) a super rugged material that can withstand up to class 3 white-waters when paddling on river, this includes sharp stones, dog paws and claws if wish to bring along your pet.”

Article Source:


1mm is extremely thin. Im not sure where you got that info, but Id highly doubt its correct.

Im tempted, but as always, I’ll procrastinate…:slight_smile:


google says,mod=17&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
1 mil = 0.0254 millimeters
so 38 mil = 0.9652 mm? shrugs

im planning on using this for lake fishing… so whoever said this is for class 3 river… works great for me! also just me and the bro lol so 1200 lbs is a tad over kill


That was the very first thought that crossed my mind. Six, huh?


With the way I look and that green color, people would think I was a big old bull frog floating around the pond on a lily pad.


2 things sorely missing . floor boards… can you add them. reason is try moving around, loading and unloading folks. it is extremely difficult. 2nd . motor mount. ? can this be added. not a big mount. just to get a trolling motor fixed?


Is it just me, or does the white one look longer than the green one?


How are the seams on this thing? Seems like the plastic will hold, but I’m worried that it will start to pull apart.