Stansport 9'-7" Inflatable Boat

Slightly larger model from previous Woot: LINK
That one was $129.99+S&H

I had one of these when I was a kid and loved every cubic inch of inflation! You can totally imagine yourself as part of the special forces storming the dangerous beaches at midnight. (Except it was usually just myself in the kiddie pool during the afternoon in my backyard). The memories of those harrowing days still come alive in my dreams.

More info can be gotten from the manufacturers page here:

I got a larger model Stansport (The Waterfowl 11) recently through Woot for $129.

And then I went shopping for a trolling motor. Holy cow!

I expected to spend about a hundred bucks or so on the motor.

Nope. The cheapest appropriate motor I can find from a reputable manufacturer runs about $150. And that’s actually one that’s only about half as powerful as the boat specs say it will handle. Trolling motors can easily go for over a grand. Surprise!

And then you also need a deep cycle marine 12V battery which will run you at least another $70 for an el cheapo battery.

And you need a charger for the battery - at least another $70.

So, if you get this, be aware you will either be using the oars to get around, or spending significantly more than the price of the boat itself to outfit it with a motor. Basically, a minimum of $300 above and beyond the cost of the boat.

I’m thinking I’ll be rowing for a while before springing for a motor.

(I should probably also mention my experience with Stansport customer service: I emailed them a couple questions about the motor mounts and recommended motors. Never heard back from them at all. Guess they figure they already got the sale, so why bother working anymore?)

These are great for hurricane season right now, great way to get around in the streets!

For those who are curious as I was…

NMMA = National Marine Manufacturers Association

NMMA Certification

CE Certification (Europe)

I noticed that Stansport wasn’t listed in the NMMA certified manufacturers list hmmm…

The green version says “Fisherman” on it while no clue is given on the blue/white ship :slight_smile: Find nothing in descriptions that tell me anything.

What about floor boards and motor mount? I don’t see anything on the manufacturer’s website about those accessories.

Looks like this is made by Sea Eagle:

I have no idea if this is exactly the same model or changes are made to put the Stansport name on it. I won the Fast Track kayak from Sea Eagle Fast Track kayaks have a good rep in the kayak inflatables world.

Also, I’d opt for the double action hand pump that Stansport lists on their website for US$17.49. This hand pump came with an Infinity Orbit 245 inflatable kayak I purchased recently to tool around in, from my sailboat while in port. The pump has a great capacity and feels a lot more substantial than the foot pump that comes with the featured boat.

Oops - The URL for the hand pump is:

Correct. I am surprised how we under emphasize floor boards, this thing is useless. or very hard to move around

I’m gonna guess that it’s made to their specifications with their brand. You’d need to contact Stansport to see who manufactures these for them.

I bought the Seaeagle 2 weeks ago. Looks just like this one and I paid $399.00. My husband was furious. Seaeagle won’t take it back and neither will woot.
Boy did I get burned!

the seaeagle came with floor boards and motor mounts but no instructions

I was considering one of these for just that purpose, as I live in New Orleans. More problems with gun-toting thugs than water in my neighborhood lately, though…

Then you got close to your money worth. Instructions – inflate.

As long as you don’t have to deal with mermaid thugs.

Just bought the 12 footer ha. Came a few days ago too. Solid boat. They forgot my seats though =/

Woot writers missed a good opportunity using the term “raft”, which this is not, instead of “dinghy”, which this is.

Could you explain why? I would like to know why we need floor boards.