Star Cats

Ball of yarn Death Star. Purrfect.

I’m in for two of these! So many great things going on here.

George Lucas would be turning in his grave. If he was dead.

These are not the cats you’re looking for.

From a sluggish start in the votes to the big win. Well fought battle.

Cat R2 is adorable, glad we didn’t get a gold bikini kitty Leia version.

Like this shirt drawing . Gonna try it out :smiley:

Oh my God this is so good. I actually hate cats, but this is so damn good. In fact, it’s so good it compelled me to post on here for my first time ever. This will surpass Coffee Right Meow.

You just gave Walmazan his next shirt design idea lol.

This is just WRONG. Cat shirts suck… Star Wars cat shirts suck even more.

Hooray! Moar

Is this on the planet Catooine?

A Mew Hope

Yay Wences! Great shirt.

Catch the Force, Luke!

Congrats Walmazan!
You’re going to sell a bazillion of these.

I really want to get this for my 4 year old daughter…$15 errrk maybe not, I would have a hard time paying that much for one in my size. Maybe if you have something else worth buying I could include it with that and shipping wouldn’t be so bad…that is, if you had something else worth buying. Always junk on Woot these days, and no super deals. What happened Woot?

i would’ve named this “Star Purrs”


I always LOVE Walmazan’s designs! Woot, I really hope you consider making this one into a tote! I really don’t like to buy black shirts (actually because of cat hair haha) but would love to buy this design in some other form/item.