Star Powered



An Iron Mario shirt. I love it!


Iron Patriot?


Iron Mario!

Now I want the Iron Man armor in SMB 3. Yup, I said SMB 3. Picture it.

Or, I want to see Iron Man shoot mushrooms at the Hulk.


I wouldn’t want to mess with Mario rocking that Star power core.

Great Mario and Iron Man reference!

If only it was on AA, It would have to be in my collection.


I love how it actually looks like it’s glowing through the shirt! Excellent design!


You know what would make this shirt 10 times cooler?

If it glowed in the dark.


I guess it is time for me to try the new blanks… This shirt is awesome!


Epic. Win. in42


If this were electroluminescent I would buy them ALL!

Too bad it doesn’t even glow in the dark. :stuck_out_tongue:


So when we become Iron Mario, does this theme play?

Or is it this theme?

Help! I’m lost as to the appropriate song choice…


Oddly tempting. Of course, if I buy another rasabi Mario shirt, I may actually have to start playing Mario Kart again.


So, this is a common thing now? That they are made in Nicaragua as well as Honduras?


Would’ve been more for it without the Mario reference.


So, I voted for this in the derby, and I really really really want to buy it…but I was a WS/WM in the old shirts and Anvil doesn’t fit.



-Spaz, grabby hands- WANT!!!


great shirt! unfortunately my last Anvil black didn’t fit well. think…think…


It’s been almost a year since my last non-random shirt.woot. Taking the plunge to try out the Anvil threads.


Picture Tony Stark with a tanooki tail hanging off his behind…

I want this. I want this, but it’s on black. :[


This exactly this! I was just coming in to say the exact same thing. This shirt NEEDS to Glow-In-The-Dark!