Star-Spangled Forest

BEAUTIFUL (America, The . . . )
Lovely design, Thatquietgir1!!!

That is stunning.

Oh say, can you see the beauty of this creation…

I sure can… Great job tqg! :slight_smile:

Some of the best patriotic infused art I’ve ever seen. Shirt, painting, anything. Clever. Beautiful. I’m no “Over the top, need to prove how much I love my country by wearing flags on my body” kinda guy, but I’d so wear this on wonderful, special holidays and events. Congrats on the print! Well done!

Great, subtle and meaningful design. Congrats on the print!

Holy cow, wow! My favorite use of subtlety in a shirt anywhere in a long time.

Beautifully inspired!

I’m in for four of them as our patriotic shirts for this year. Well done.

Love this one! :slight_smile: Impressive execution of an idea dripping with subtle brilliance!

Why is there no tank option for this? Would be perfect for 4th of July cookout :frowning:

There ya go! :slight_smile:

Tank top! Yay!

And it’s beautiful! <3

In for one.

We thought so too. It’s been added to the sale! :slight_smile:

Truly touched by all your kind words! Thanks so much, everyone. And thanks, Woot, for all the great print options :slight_smile:

Star-spangled spectacularness!!!

I’ve been waiting and waiting for just the right zip hoodie to add to my collection and it’s finally here. Too hot to wear it right now, but so happy woot has offered this design in a zip. I’m adding some totes, too. This is stunning and gorgeous. Perfect sale for Flag Day. Awesome job, Thatquietgir1, thank you, thank you.

So, were there only so many large and extra large available? I wanted to get a tee, but it won’t let me select a size for either standard or premium.

Due to the system setup, there are multiple size options that don’t all correspond to the product types.

Unselect all the options, and then select tee as the first choice, and then brand. The available sizes should all show up now.

(Do refer to the sizing charts, as different brands are sized differently.)

This should be fairly popular in New England. The birches are nice.