Star Stuff

Makes me want to go dunk something – think basketball, not donut ; )

All natural, carbon based. Yeah.

To me, this is totally a Babylon 5 reference and I squeed accordingly. ^_^<3

Chuck Sagans. Nice.

I am not 100% clear on the implied reference but I don’t need to be; I dig the design and it’s self-explanatory, and it’s my first tee buy since the return of the AAs, so happiness prevails. I already have the outfit planned…

Best shirt in the Cosmos!

Elements are created in stars (except for very light ones like Hydrogen that were made in the Big Bang). Everything from Carbon to Oxygen to Nitrogen were created in stars. The earliest stars made the elements and when they exploded the elements spread across the Universe eventually coming to reside within you. You are literally made of star dust.

This is a great shirt.I loved Cosmos.

I can’t figure out how to order a tank top. Are the men’s all tee shirts and the women’s all tank tops, or how does this deal work?

The tank was only available on the first day of the sale. Sorry for the confusion.

You might see it pop back up as a tank in one of our side sales, though.