Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise(Choose Style)

The main drawing is the original Enterprise of TOS, whereas the top/bottom/side views are of the refit Enterprise of the films.

I mean what are we to believe? That this is some sort of magic starship? snort I really hope someone got fired for this blunder.

Came here to comment on the exact same thing. pushes glasses up nose
Cadet level mistake.

(Edit) It’s also listed as a warship! Is this even licensed? Bah!

I am very sorry about this, we uploaded an old image. Working with Woot now to get it updated to the correct image. Hang in there a few minutes please :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t “Dorsal View” be looking at the top of the ship?

Yeah, we uploaded a mockup that someone made a long time ago and not the finalized image. Should be up shortly, sorry for the inconvenience.

Is it meant to look like this one?

Now for a real Pushes up Glasses moment. Why is the Navigational Deflector labeled as the “Main Sensor?”

Image is updated!!

So, the updated image still says “Hanger Deck”? I refuse to support some lazy guy’s use of Spell Check instead of a real live editor by purchasing this product.

And then there is the “Impulse Power Unit” pointing to something in the Engineering Hull, not the back middle of the saucer section where it should.

Sad Panda

The big dish has dual functions. It is the Navigational Deflector and also the Long-range Sensor.

I really hope that someday Woot will put out an Enterprise 1701-D schematic. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

I still have this cutaway from many years ago: