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Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Model with Lights & Sounds [New, just like your Red Shirt] - $6.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Playmates 61931 Star Trek USS Enterprise Model w/ Lights & Sounds

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Bought it for $19.99 last year at a brick and mortar, wasn’t quite what I expected . . . but, I couldn’t bring myself to return it (well, it is Star Trek after all . . . ). So, on my desk it sits. My son laughs at it, that is worth the money right there; he thinks Yo Gabba Gabba is cool, he’s not ready for the Trek yet . .

For this price, I’m in for three as it will make a good gift for the nerds in the IT department at Christmas.

It snaps on the base and is “poseable”. The voices are cool. Careful - it eats batteries fairly quickly.

Is that thing mounted on the base? And if so, how durable is the base? It looks like cheep plastic.

From a $1000.00 item to 6.99; gotta love the Woot Guyz !



I’m assuming this was the same model when Amazon was selling it (good reviews):

[MOD: Nope. That’s 1701-A]

You’re right, I’ll keep looking.

Is this from TOS, the first few movies, or the reboot movie? 'cause I’m not sure the color schemes on the lights match up to any of them. But I could be wrong.

(I secretly wish this was NCC-1701-D.)

Wikipedia reference:

In for six (on my two accounts).

Plan on these for my annual Toys for Tots donation.

Bonus Tip: If you give these to a Christmas charity, don’t forget to include a set or two of AAA batteries (takes three per donation).

It looks like the ship is from the reboot. I’m in for 3 for gifts.

It’s the Playmates version of 1701 from the 2009 Star Trek movie. Art Asylum makes better models but cost significantly more. Looks like a decent toy for $12.00. I’m thinking these were $30+ at brick and mortar stores when the movie came out.

Try this one:

My son has one of these. He is 9 and likes it, and so do I. Good nerdy family fun. This is the latest movie version of the NCC-1701 Enterprise, and it doesn’t actually shoot phasers like the picture shows.

That’s it, both you and NightGhost found it, and I made yours also into a clickable link just above this sentence. $15.67 and 4 stars, and for the heck of it, in France:

YouTube video

video review

Huh? I was looking forward to taking care of the rodent problem since my cats and dog are such slackers.

Product website (mainly for more views):

with manual (one page):

and looks like a product review:

Here’s a blog.

Here’s some specs from trekkieguy. And I thought I was geeky!

Wikipedia tells about all the Star Trek Enterprise versions.

Much more than you ever wanted to know about the starship.

Yes, oh yes, I must have it!