Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Model with Lights & Sounds

Just what I need.


How powerful are the lasers?

Seriously, what is this crap!

Man wootalyzer is falling behind

Dear Star Trek whatever,
Please go back to

Come on nerds, buy this thing.

This won’t take long.

Next up:

I’ll pay 6.99 for the lego figures, they can keep the USS Enterprise though…


That state there in the middle is nerdy.

Those aren’t photon topedoes! They’re phasers!

Cool. This would go nicely with the Cap’n Kirk action figure the Woot Gods sent in my Dec '09 Blinged out Crap.

I am resisting the urge, I am resisting the urge…

This thing is a lot of fun, stand works well and the ship can be tilted to multiple angles. I am tempted to get this for my dad who is a huge Trek fan but it will just sit around for a few months and then get buried.

these are going fast now…woweee

This would be a good gift for a nerd friend, except nerds don’t have any friends…

Oh, yay! It’s the gay ass rape version of the Enterprise…