Star Wars 2017 The Black Series Figure

Star Wars 2017 The Black Series Figure

These sold for $0.99 to $1.49 all over the nation by Walmart just beginning of this summer. This is crazy that you guys trying to sell for full price, still…
I can take photos of the ones I got from Walmart with their price tags on. You guys drop the prices on these at least 75% to sell and have it on a fair market value.

Congratulations, you found Wal-mart clearance. Sometimes they mark stuff down 90%. You were lucky.
These sold for about $10 and are collectible (by some people, not saying it’s a wise idea, but I do it too!). So anyway you found a super clearance deal, but lighten up on the Woot guys!

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Awwww, I think I love you.

I don’t enjoy paying more than what it’s worth, I guess you do :grin: enjoy tho :+1:

Who wants an action figure of a character that got whipped by and untrained light sabre chucker?