Star Wars Bobble Heads

Done! In for 1!

Collectors should go bobble head over these

this looks like a new set of bobbles.

These go for a lot seperately. Here come the collectors!

These will be sold out by 8am.

For children 4 and up. Most of you should qualify physically, but maybe not metally.

Obscurities from an artist that peaked in the 1970s, you say? I think I’m figuring out the pattern.

Who else thinks Han’s shot of his figure should appear first?

Anyone? Anyone?

Do they have sticky things on bottom? to put in a car

What is with Woot! and the repeats lately?

Are these safe for use in the tub?

Does anybody know which series these bobbleheads are?

No Boba Fett?

For shame.

Yoda seems quite well endowed.

your powers of observation are lacking young jedi

It’s not a repeat if they are different bobbleheads.

In for 1 set. These should go well with the other two, different, sets that woot sold me in the past.

Wobbly bobbly Star wars heads. These are really fun to put on the subwoofer- when the music starts rocking, the bobbles start bopping…

They sold boba back in march.

I hate to say it but they are a different set of booble heads. I am beginning to thing Great Depression II is taking it’s toll on the junk available.

Luke bears a striking resemblance to Bono! In for one and since these complement the last set I agree they will be gone quickly.