Star Wars Canvas Art, Part IV

I’ll take one of each, please.

Sorry Woot!

it’s probably the same vendor on tanga as here.
woot adjusts the price so they make a profit too.

The creator of these missed a great opportunity for subtlety. Captions and quotes don’t need to slap the viewer and shout at them like these do.


Be sure to check the price for the different canvas sizes on that other website. The larger paintings are about the same price. Also if you add more than 1 item to your cart the shipping goes up. Woot! has a flat $5 for shipping on all items in the cart!

This is true. Don’t get me wrong; Woot! is the S***, it’s just rare to see the same item on a different site with a lower base price.

Oh, one of each of DarkLord’s character silhouettes would be awesome! I hate to be picky, though, but the Han Solo quote is a bit off, it should read, “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blastER at your side, kid.”

Leia is missing its Kenobi too. Would not buy out of annoyance, otherwise cool.

Just wondering, how does woot not have Disney’s lawyers knocking on their doors for stuff like this?

This stuff is just not all that attractive/clever/whatever. What gives?

Will this sale come back? After I purchased and received two, I want to get three more! They are fantastic.

I don’t know but I pass on your wish to the buyer. :happy:

I still have not received mine after ordering it back on August 7th. What gives??

Hi there. As noted in the sale, these are made to order and ship out in 7-10 business days. They should be shipping soon and then they’ll send us tracking info.

Ok thanks man! I have never really ordered from Woot, so i didn’t know it meant it would take that long to get it ready.