Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot

Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot

If anyone figures out how to get this thing to work I’d love to hear how. I’ve tried everything - multiple devices, multiple routers - can’t get anywhere in the app, lets me log in but then says it cannot continue without an Internet connection. Opened a ticket with the manufacturer but not confident I’ll get a response…

First one arrives broken and replacement unit doesn’t work at all. So disappointed.

Hey guys and gals…After multiple emails to UBTech because I couldn’t connect to the Stormtrooper they have made a FIX!!! 6-2-2021 I’m on IOS using a dual band router but connected to the 2.4ghz side…Just delete the app then reinstall it…As soon as you login to the app you should get a bunch of updates and then the robot will work and also take a firmware upgrade…Good luck everyone!!!


They got new humanoid, human size, they are working on that one. They no longer support stormtrooper. It didn’t get good feedback as much as they thought, so much flaws and issues, and not advanced as you may think. I had two, got rid of them quick. not worth it, especially my bro in law, who is sw sick, even he didn’t keep his. wait for prime day, I bet it will be half of this price.