Star Wars Insulated Growler (32 or 64oz)

You should probably expect to be carded if you walk into a tap-room to get a Star Wars-inspired growler filled.

Just got mine. Now looking for a way to convert the top to include a CO2 inlet port & relief valve.

Are these starwars enscribed or galactic empire enscribed? an amazon review complains of not receiving one or the other.

My local bars will not refill any growler which doesn’t have a gov’t warning or cleaning instructions. Some stupid MD law.

… remind me again which sport this pertains to…

Our photos are correct. The small one has the Star Wars Logo. The large one has Darth Vader.

Pretty much all of them. :tongue:

Yeah, be aware that these do not have the government warning about alcohol, and many places will not fill it for you.

“Fan’s” , FFS Woot writers. Really ?

Fixed though.

I use the 64 oz to take iced tea or water to work every day. It insulates very well, and the ice lasts more than one day. I’m very happy with mine. I use Tervis extra long straws with it.

got the 32oz one, using it as a water bottle. a little heavy for carrying around on a hike, wish the handle could fit 2 fingers. i had to use the ‘grip of death’ to tighten the cup part so it wouldn’t leak while sloshing around.

Some states do require the warning, but Kentucky isn’t one of them, or at least the local guys don’t think they do.

Opaque growlers preclude the use of the fancy fill machines a couple of places have put in, but they still fill them by hand.

Is the 64oz still available

The plain black 64oz is still available; the Star Wars 64oz is sold out, though.

I ordered the plain black 32oz and got it this morning as I was walking out the door.

It’s cute. I’m going to wash and measure it even i get home.

OK, on the 32oz one the 32oz mark is the bottom of the inner (wide) neck. You could get more in by filling through the top cap.

Make sure you crank down on the top with the handle on it or you’ll get beer in your car.