Star Wars Kitchen Goodies

Am I wrong to want the chopsticks to light up and make “vvwwrrrrnnn” noises?

Some of this stuff is on sale today at think geek for less, Han Solo ice tray $8

The chopsticks are fun, but are really difficult to eat with compared to regular chopsticks. The surface is too slick.

Hmmm. Just glancing on Amazon the Tie Fighter opener is less and free shipping:

The Millenium Falcon is also much less expensive, and free shipping:

How is this any type of deal? I always make sure to compare prices before I make a Woot purchase, and Woot is seldom much of a deal anymore.

Interesting that the different chopsticks all cast blue light on the sushi. Very interesting…

That means the sushi hasn’t gone over to the dark side yet.

This has been the W00t way ever since they sold to Amazon. Before that, they had amazing deals. Now they’re just comparable to everywhere else. W00t is pretty much a regular pseudo-nerd-themed shopping site now, not a hub for awesome deals anymore.

For the plates, I understand the artistic license that was taken by drawing Yoda as a cartoon character holding a lightsaber - something which a Muppet would find difficult of course - but who on earth are those other three people supposed to be? They look like Catwoman, Grizzly Adams, and one of those moody goth vampire teens from Twilight.

Clone Wars cartoon. It was on tv for like 6 years and had a tv movie or 2 come out of it. It’s basically responsible for anyone under 18 years old being a Star Wars fan. I never saw it, but I can appreciate its impact.