Star Wars Legendary Die Case Action Figure Set

They had 500 of these for $200 at d23 and they did not sell out to the most rabid fans in existance. Good luck with your sale.

$350 dollars out of my price range for this kind of stuff. However, if you did want to sell it to me, I got 49.95 + taxes + Woot shipping of 5 bucks…

Are these compatible with little green army men, so I can increase the fighting action??

I’m sorry, Woot, these are electronic… how exactly are these “Electronic?” Maybe we should try jamming their little arms or lightsabers into AC outlets and see what lights up?

(Do NOT do that! Just don’t.)

Is this a genuine D23 Exclusive set?


Good question.

Is no one else bothered that it’s supposed to be “Die Cast” and not “Die Case”?

Yes, these are individually numbered set limited to 500 pieces

It’s around $509 on ebay and elsewhere. Used ones are over $399. I think it’s good deal here on Woot for collectors… just too expensive for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it’s the D23 Exclusive set. They only made 500 total and each set is numbered. I received mine today - no dents, dings or issues!