Star Wars R2-D2 Speaker Dock

**Item: **Star Wars R2-D2 Speaker Dock
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Sweet I snagged the first Copy and paste BOc of the night

grats, you beat me :frowning:

danggg BoC sold out alreadyy

Oy! Only a single Blag of Crops available…
This may make for quite the frustrating woot-off.

Really, Woot? Making me jump through hoops only to find a sold out barge of concubines? Really?

There are always hoops. The previous hoop was “wait around for the whole Woot-Off until a BOC showed up.”

Maybe we just like torturing you guys :X

what he said

I was soooo ready for it. Then made the biggest rookie mistake: I wasn’t logged in first… Congrats Stryper!

Correction: the ONLY one. Way to bogart the carp.

These most likely won’t work straight out of the box. The problem is the metal battery connection/contact area isn’t tall enough to make contact with the batteries. Be prepared to use a tiny flat head screw driver to bend it to make it reach.

There is more crap to be found in the woot ultimate challenge. Check the community blog :wink:

oh yeah the thing

Woot used to be fun…

I posted the above a few minutes ago. Post quickly deleted.

Tends to confirm my observation…

Used to love this site, got over a dozen BOCs over the years, but they don’t happen anymore.

Uhm… Never mind.

Let me fix that for you: “Aw, you’re no fun any more”.

Srsly, though…