Star Wars Saga Framed Posters



Who is your favorite Star Wars character and why?


The price seems steep but then I saw that they are framed. Framing is very expensive so having it already done is very nice.


Sigh. If it wasn’t the holidays I could justify buying the original trilogy posters. I hope these are offered up again in the future!


This sale makes me sad. My mom made me sell my original Star Wars/Empire movie posters at a garage sale for $1. And no I’ll never let you forget, mom!


I just bought all 10 of the original Trilogy posters for a Christmas present to me. :slight_smile:

Thanks woot!



I can’t decide.
The ANH poster has classic value.
Empire is the best movie of the 3.
Jedi has that really nice looking red one.



justafreak has the right idea here, perhaps you should consider it? :smiley:


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I bought a neat Star Wars half-sheet a year ago and forgot about it until getting the wrapping paper out and stumbled across it again. You know what a framed poster gets you? A framed poster on the wall. A poster without a frame gets forgotten.

Love the Revenge posters here. All of them. Though I do miss my favorite Empire poster


Ditto, except for me it was my brother’s original Star Wars action figures in a Darth Vader case…she assumed I wouldn’t want them because of how little I was…I was old enough to remember now mom…


I assume these are reproductions. A original Revenge (vs Return) of the Jedi is a find.


Original movie posters before 1985 are all 27x41. And newer originals should be double-sided (mirror image color printing on the back for backlit marquee displays) and that isn’t mentioned. So I think you can safely assume these are all reproductions.

Edit: Although my original Ep 1&2 teaser sheets were one-sided and hence were for fans and not intended for theater use.


Has anyone been able to figure out where we can buy other Backlot Arts posters? I’m trying to see if they have a site or something to pick up some other posters that are framed identically.


The Revenge teaser is probably the most counterfeited/copied movie poster in the world.I’m assuming these are licensed re-prints.

Think geek sells these posters too, but I’ve never seen them sold in-frame. Framing a one-sheet is not cheap. And $5 to ship is a steal for this size.

Backlot Arts has an Amazon store, but I didn’t see any SW posters (Backlot Art on Amazon- may not be same as Backlot Arts)


These are a good deal if well framed with low glare plexi-glass. If the framing is poor, then I’ve paid about $50 per poster too much. I guess I’ll see how this works out when my order arrives.


If Phantom Menace and the other two prequels sell out I’m going to hope that the end of the world occurs next week. I don’t want to live in a world where people liked those movies.


My husband has 3 original posters from the theater, one is signed by an actor. We used to have them up in our house, but we moved, I don’t remember which ones he has. Considering these are reproductions, his must be worth a heak of a lot more! I don’t understand why these cost so much?!?


In this case, 1/3-1/2 of the price is for the frame, depending on its quality. Most of these reprints can be found for $25-40. The least expensive SW originals I own are in the $300 range, while my “Revenge” both versions) one-sheets are considerably more.