Star Wars Slave 1 SnapTite Model Kit

Here is the Product Page


Assembly looks like a job for someone other than me. :slight_smile:

$8.99 tonight
Amazon $14.31 fulfilling 3rd party retailer, 13 reviews, 4 stars

Bobba Fett, Bobba Fett where?

You could tell from an early age in Episode II that Jango’s ‘son’ Boba was going to turn out bad…

I prefer to play X-Wing miniatures rather than build the models

How does this item scale to a real Slave1 ship? Usually models come with a scale on them. I need to know how much space to clear out in my Death Star. Also if I need to transport a house cat encased in carbonite, will this do the trick? Thanks in advance.

Here’s the specs according to the Star Wars Wiki:

Technical specifications
Length 21.5 meters
Width 21.3 meters
Height/depth 7.8 meters

I’ll let you do the math. Math is hard.

I bought the similar snow speeder and this model last time around on woot, and although I have only built the speeder I (and my son, ahem) was very pleased with how sturdy and playable this was after being put together.

While I don’t have knowledge (yet) of this model, I suspect it’s similar.

This is the model you are looking for. #ihatemyselfforthatlastsentence