Star Wear II: The Empire Strikes Trek

are the woot plus shirts screen or digital printed?

dang…i already have 5 of these prints…
It’s a trap
Console Wars
That’s no moon
all regular tees though…

Yay - one long sleeve @-@ coming my way!

I am 99% certain they are screen printed.

Daily, Plus, and Top 20 are screen printed.

Kevlar51’s experience says otherwise. Likewise, my “last wooter” copy of Procrastination University arrived DTG too.

Awwww TT, I love your O-K sig smiley

To clarify on the Screen vs. Digital question it’s useful to understand the economics a bit. Depending on your screenprinter and how they manage their workflow, they might want 72+ units to justify the cost of screens and set up. There are a lot of factors to consider (# of colors, garment, etc), but in our case, we can generally set up a screen print if we have more than 25 orders for a design (generally, NOT always). Digital printing has helped us fill in the gap. In some cases (more than we might have thought) our added selection means we have items in a +Sale that sell 4-12 units. In this case, we can’t justify setting up 8+ screens. The economics don’t work. But with DTG, we have the ability to print these low numbers and make you happy (mostly anyway). Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have the volume to promise a screenprint every time, but having this flexibility is good for our selection and allows us to ‘experiment’ with a design or product type we might not be able to otherwise.

I hope that helps.

To apron, or not to apron…

I was trying to limit myself to 2 (due to space), and I have acquired Donut Panic and Fresh Cake. But I may just have to break down… (sigh)

uh oh…@-@ in a long sleeve…

do it! c’mon, you’ve got the room! just follow the ancient art of apron origami!

Basically the same thing?! Them there is fighting words! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I bought the shirt Womens’ size XL cloaking device (engaged -disengaged)
I washed it in cool to lukewarm water and now it’s a medium! The cotton is very thin compared to even the t-shirts I buy my Husband in packages. Not too happy when I washed a load of t-shirts and that was the only one that shrunk.

tgentry’s trooper with glasses didn’t make it in?

Welcome to the world of Anvil shirts~ May the odds be ever in your favor.

If Poker Game was on a LW Zip, I would be out 35 bucks right now. (I just got my random LW and I didn’t know you guys used Alternative Earth, love these hoodies!)

Does the glow in the dark ink look or feel funny?

Woot needs way more Karen Hallion. Thanks for offering this design.

Apparently Woot doesn’t offer American Apparel T’s anymore?