Starbrite Hi-Gloss 4x6 Photo Paper 20 Sheets – 5 Pack

Meh, cheaper to print at Walgreens!

Now that’s a creepy product picture!

whoa. even though i’ve never heard of this brand, this is a redic deal kidz. Look how much just one pack of high gloss photo paper is on amazon… yipes.

if only i had an all-in-one

Any comparison prices??

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Starbrite Hi-Gloss 4x6 Photo Paper 20 Sheets - 5 Pack, for $3.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Starbrite Hi-Gloss 4x6 Photo Paper 20 Sheets

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Shouldn’t it be “Five for Fuesday”?

“acid free 9mm thick paper”

Damn, that’s some thick paper.

BAD WOOT!! BAD WOOT!! Now go sit down!! 99 cent store has these, come on, do the math, BAD WOOT!! Now go outside!

Does this type of photo paper fade after time or is it truly print quality?

Package says “StarLITE” not Starbrite.

Ah, but the description’s too poetic. Leave it alone.

I was thinking a Starbrite was one of those light up peg toys from yesteryear, but that’s a Lite-Brite.

awesome deal!

in for three!

I was just going to say that! 9mm isn’t paper, that’s effing posterboard!

Booooooooo No No Woot… in for 3 errrrr… 15.

so, is $0.056 per sheet a good price?

You would need a good quality photo printer like an HP or Epson if you don’t want your photos to fade over time.

No kidding. I assume that’s a typo? Maybe 0.9mm thick?

Warranty: No Warranty, it’s paper…