Starbrite Hi-Gloss 4x6 Photo Paper 20 Sheets – 5 Pack

For 15 packs from ebay would be $28.25 because it is $4 shipping for each additional 3 pack. Total price from woot is $17.00…woot is still the better deal.

what exactly is a mil?

In for 2! Now if only I had photos to print…

I bought this exact same paper at my local dollar store a month ago for…well…a dollar.

I wasn’t happy about spending that much either. The “watermark” on the paper had a tendecy to show through the ink.

Yeah, I’m betting the writer of copy assumed mil = mm. I’m betting that’s not what it means though:

That’s only for 100 sheets. Do the Woot math again! $16.97 for 300 sheets

Read the entire description before posting…

In the beginning it says “acid free 9mm thick paper” then not till farther down does it say “9 mil”.

I concur. This is not a good deal from Woot either. I would pay the extra 3 bucks for better paper or extra 6 or 9 bucks depending on how much you order . Just my two cents. I have used the HP photopaper, bought here on woot, and it works awesome. Cannot tell between those or a print from the photo store.

not knowing a thing about photo paper, is this stuff worth spraying my expensive ink onto at $0.056/sheet?

So can anyone explain why the picture shows STARLITE and the description says Starbrite? Is one the name of the company and one is the name of the brand that they don’t bother printing on the packaging?

$0.057 a sheet doesn’t seem that cheap when you factor in cost for ink and for time to print…

Especially since no one semms to have ever heard of starlite (starbrite) brand paper…

This would be a GREAT deal had it been for kodak paper!

A mil is a thousandth of an inch, or .00254 mm.

I’m just not ready to rock as hard as the kid in that photo. Guess I’ll need to find my paper elsewhere. :slight_smile:

9mil is thin… the cheapest, thinnest Canon photo paper is 10.5 mil

hahaha! Wow, I’ve never listened to the Woot podcast before. I have to say, the song for this stuff was disturbing but at the same time, awesome.

Is that Jenna Bush playing the guitar?

mil (mil)
a unit of length, equal to one thousandth (0.001) of an inch (0.0254 millimeter), used in measuring the diameter of wire, the thickness of coatings or films, etc.

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see !

this price comparator stuff is ridiculous… your site does nothing more than take the h3 tag of the woot and plug it into well known search engines…

you and wootalyzer need to disappear, you add nothing of value to the community, we’re not morons and everyone here can use search engines…

that bad, huh? what kind of printer do you have?

For the same reason they wrote “mm” instead of “mil” in the description. Apparently the writer is better at being creative, and less gooder at being accurate…