Starbrite Hi-Gloss 4x6 Photo Paper 20 Sheets – 5 Pack

A mil is a thousandth of an inch, or .00254 mm.

I’m just not ready to rock as hard as the kid in that photo. Guess I’ll need to find my paper elsewhere. :slight_smile:

9mil is thin… the cheapest, thinnest Canon photo paper is 10.5 mil

hahaha! Wow, I’ve never listened to the Woot podcast before. I have to say, the song for this stuff was disturbing but at the same time, awesome.

Is that Jenna Bush playing the guitar?

mil (mil)
a unit of length, equal to one thousandth (0.001) of an inch (0.0254 millimeter), used in measuring the diameter of wire, the thickness of coatings or films, etc.

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see !

this price comparator stuff is ridiculous… your site does nothing more than take the h3 tag of the woot and plug it into well known search engines…

you and wootalyzer need to disappear, you add nothing of value to the community, we’re not morons and everyone here can use search engines…

that bad, huh? what kind of printer do you have?

For the same reason they wrote “mm” instead of “mil” in the description. Apparently the writer is better at being creative, and less gooder at being accurate…

With photo paper you get what you pay for. If you want something that will last for 100 years buy the $25 kodak paper. If you want to print your kids birthday invitaitions or pics of those drunks from sales at the last office party… this is a good deal.

Awesome. I’ve needed some extra photo paper to have.
In for two.

Thanks for the link - you learn something new every day on Woot! And how did we ever manage without Wiki :slight_smile:

If you get 3 packs (300 sheets), then it is around 5¢ for each sheet. If you get 1 pack (100 sheets), it is 9¢ a sheet.

thats just funny.

it’s supposed to be starlite, not starbrite.

I have some Advanced HP Photo Paper here with me. It feels pretty much like what you’d expect of an average photograph, thickness-wise, and it is 10.5 mil. So this brand on woot might feel lighter and thinner than expected. However, archival quality usually indicates a better level of fade resistance, and if you want the picture to last that long, won’t it be in an album or framed, making the mil a moot point?

It is not 9 millimeters. It is 9 MILS. 1 millimeter equals 39.37 mils, so the paper thickness is about 0.2286 millimeters. 9 mills is the thickness recommended by most printers.

Okay five pack of twenty sheets,…does this mean $5.00 bucks for shipping if you order 3?

I’m new and not extremely bright.

<<No ink pooling in heave coverage areas >>

So you can even heave (=barf) onto the paper and it will print fine (but it will no longer be acid free). just as well considering the state the copywriter was in when writing this carp.

not a good woot day, so happy that I missed nothing when away from woot :smiley:

I would rather go with HP 300 sheets for 30.00 bucks next day shipping Free… 13.00 dollars more than here but i would get them this year and they are better paper.

HP Premium Photo Paper, glossy (100 sheets, 4 x 6-inch borderless)

Buy 2 Get 1 Free (of equal or lesser value) on select HP papers. Place 3 qualifying papers in the cart!

Free next business day shipping on this item

Quantity: 100 sheets
Size: 4 x 6"
Finish: glossy
Thickness: 10 mil
Weight: 240 g/m2, 64 lb.
Attributes: acid free, lignin free, calcium-carbonate free
Compatibility: inkjet printers with borderless printing option

Text says StarBrite – pic says StarLite… not that I care, but I noticed.

It sounds like this deal is mediocre, though I think anyone who’d be printing on home inkjet isn’t the most bargain-minded anyway, what with the cost of ink versus those print kiosks at the box stores. Price of convenience, and all that, I reckon.