Starbucks Cafe Estima 6 Pack

Starbucks Cafe Estima 6 Pack

Just received. Super fast shipping, but to be fair, it ships from Miami FL and I live in Florida so it was one day shipping via UPS. Expiry date is November 02, 2020, so that is not an issue. Tastes amazing!!!


(I read that title as enema.)

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Thanks for commenting. I wouldn’t have seen this deal if you hadn’t.

Also, now I have someone to blame if I don’t like it.

It is Starbucks… :slight_smile:

For those of us who have never drank coffee, could you elaborate?

Take it from a cat’s perspective.

The coffee is a very Dark Roast. If you like drinking that dishwater named Maxwell House, you will not like the boldness of this coffee.

Sometimes coffee behaves as if it were an enema.

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I don’t know what any of that means.

If you like a coffee that is weak and tastes like tea/dishwater (Maxwell House), this bold coffee is NOT for you!!!

I’m with you bigray57, I don’t like dishwater coffee!!! :face_vomiting:
I am looking forward to this Estima coffee from Starbucks.

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****strong textWhat kind of brewer does everyone use? Coffee tastes different according to how it’s brewed.strong text
*emphasized text**What’s your preference?*emphasized text

I prefer using the Nespresso Essenza or the Nespresso Vertuoline. As a matter of fact, I bought my Essenza right here off of Woot! :blush:

I received this today. My bags have an expiration date of 11/2/2020 for those considering. I did a quick run through the Keurig to give it a try. It has a really dark roast, taste, and look. It’s similar to Starbucks French, Italian, or Espresso roast but possibly just a notch darker. I was impressed just seeing how dark the coffee was in the cup. This is an outstanding deal since each bag is a full 16oz, which is much larger than your standard size bag you get at the grocery store. If you like the other dark Starbucks blends then you’ll like this one too. If you want a little more variety of flavor then I would try the Heart of Darkness blend that is occasionally sold here, possibly even tomorrow since it’s a wootoff. That blend is a mildly dark blend.

For comparison, you can see this Starbucks blend next to the Heart of Darkness blend below. The cup of brewed coffee is the Starbucks blend sold here that was run through the Keurig.


I picked up a 6 pack of these a few weeks back. Solid purchase IMHO. My wife and i drink more coffee than we should…trying to work from home and teach 3 kids during this pandemic has increased that intake! The coffee has a solid dark roasted flavor and is not overly acidic. The fact that you get 6lbs pounds of a premium coffee for under $40 is a no brainer. Honestly, i may pick up more since i am sure i can drink it before it "goes bad’.

Questions for any coffee enthusiasts in the group. I use a drip coffee machine with standard white filters. i have been grinding these at a dead medium level 8 on my burr grinder but am interested if anyone has tried other grind levels with success. i dropped to a much more fine blend for one pot but thought the coffee did not hold up well flavor wise this way.

If you get anymore to sell here on Woot! Please let me know! Love the stuff! I ordered the first time this last time and now forever hooked!!!