Starbucks Ground Coffee, 6 Pack

Starbucks Ground Coffee, 6 Pack

No no no no no no no.

Just say no. Starbucks dark roasts tend to be burnt to a crisp.

AND by the time this coffee makes it to your door, it will almost be the best by date. If it was whole bean, it might still have a chance at something resembling flavor. But alas, it is ground!

Don’t be fooled by price per pound! When it comes to coffee, quality over quantity people!


Burnt is best
And best by dates are FOS. Coffee doesnt go bad so quickly. You can store it for a year with no discernable difference in tastes.

The best by dates are there to get the consumer to throw away stuff and buy more.

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“Yeah, well, that’s just like your opinion man.”
-the dude

But seriously, if you like it burnt, go buy it. As for best buy dates… What other conspiracy theories are you into? Do all products immediately go bad by the date? Of course not. Is it an attempt to get you to buy more? Probably not. More likely it’s covering the company’s rear end for liability purposes should someone get sick or demand their money back when the product does not meet expectations cause its OLD.

As for storing coffee for a year with no change in flavor… maybe your taste buds need a tune up. Oh wait, you’re using burnt coffee! So yeah, you’re probably correct, you can’t tell any difference. Now if your coffee had flavor to begin with, you would certainly be able to detect the discrepancy between one month old and one year old.

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try again mr. anger management candidate.

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Angry? I’m not angry. I’m thrilled! You’re going to buy up all the old, burnt coffee leaving the good stuff for me.

I salute your sacrifice!

Try again Cletus
I’m a coffee roaster with 30 years experience and you are nothing.

:joy: OK, man.

That’s cool. If you really did have that much experience, you’d be confident enough to not care about my opinion and try to prove yourself in the forum of an online discount site.

If you prefer coffee that you have burned (roasted) yourself, thats fine. You drink what you want, I’ll drink what I want. I’m really not sure what you are so worked up about.

Holiday stress getting to you?

You should get some therapy for your anger management issues. You’re too easily triggered, cutie-pie.


I think you might have me confused with… you?

If either of us has anger management issues, the evidence points to you.

Of the two of us, you are the one who has resorted to personal attacks and name calling…over coffee.

Perhaps you’re projecting some of your issues on to my words. Without physical, verbal and tonal cues, some people have trouble interpreting tone in text and wind up filling in the missing context with emotional responses that were never there.

You might be helped by anger management therapy … But more likely you would benefit from reading a novel with a lot of dialogue while listening to the audio book.

Good luck!


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Take Thunder’s advice, Trigger-boi.

:roll_eyes: Triggerboi…

It’s okay, it’s for research.